What is Antiquity Glass?

Antiquity glass is a decorative glass designed to mimic the texture and flaws of colonial-era glass from the 18th century. It is used in home design elements such as doors, windows, and cabinets to add a sense of rusticity. The imperfections, referred to as \”seeds,\” are teardrop-shaped and created through the presence of air bubbles. Modern producers of antiquity glass can control the imperfections to create an intentionally flawed look. It is also clear tempered, making it durable for daily use while maintaining its clarity. Antiquity glass is used to restore stained glass and is a fine substitute for missing sections.

Purpose: Antiquity glass adds a decorative touch to home design elements with its replication of colonial-era glass textures and flaws, providing a rustic feel. Used for doors, windows, and cabinets, it adds a touch of history to a space.

Functionality: Antiquity glass blends durability and aesthetic, replicating colonial-era imperfections known as \”seeds\” while also being clear tempered for strength and clarity. It offers a balance of rustic charm and practicality for daily use.

Types: There are two main types of antiquity glass: hand-rolled and machine-rolled. Hand-rolled glass is created using traditional techniques and has a more authentic look, while machine-rolled glass is produced using modern methods and offers a more uniform appearance. Both types can be used to restore stained glass and provide a substitute for missing sections.

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