What is a Country Style?

Country style refers to a design aesthetic that captures the charm and simplicity of rural farmhouse living. It has become popular due to its association with a more relaxed and uncomplicated lifestyle. In a country style kitchen, the color palette typically includes pastels and bright colors, complemented by design elements such as stenciling or vintage signage. The materials commonly used in country style d├ęcor are wood, rock, and other natural materials.

To achieve a country style look, various details can be incorporated into kitchen designs, depending on the desired level of authenticity and originality. For a more extreme expression of the aesthetic, one can include a hearth, a wood-burning potbelly stove, or an apron front sink. Alternatively, more conventional approaches may involve the use of grained wood cabinetry, floral patterns, and tile. It\’s important to note that regional variations can also influence the interpretation of country style, adding unique elements to the design.

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