What is a Corridor Kitchen?

A corridor kitchen, also known as a galley kitchen, is a type of kitchen layout that is characterized by two parallel countertops or cabinets that face each other and form a narrow \”corridor\” or walkway in between. This type of kitchen is typically found in apartments, small homes, and boats where space is limited, but it can also be used in larger homes as a way to maximize efficiency and storage.

In a corridor kitchen, appliances, sinks, and other features are usually placed along one or both of the walls, leaving the walkway clear for movement and food preparation. The layout is often designed to provide an efficient workflow, with the refrigerator, sink, and stove forming a triangle for ease of movement.

One advantage of a corridor kitchen is that it can be an efficient use of space, as it allows for maximum storage and counter space while taking up a minimal amount of floor area. However, it can also be a challenge to work in if more than one person needs to use the kitchen at the same time or if the space is particularly narrow.

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