What is a Baseboard?

Baseboards are an essential part of most buildings, serving as a trim piece that covers the transition between the wall and floor while also protecting the wall from damage and enhancing its overall appearance. They can be made of either wood or plastic, with plastic being more commonly used in commercial buildings and wooden baseboards adding a decorative touch to homes. Baseboards are typically glued or nailed to the wall and come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be painted to match the room. In addition, baseboards can also help to cover carpet strips and keep debris out of the crevice between the carpet and wall, ensuring a clean and tidy appearance.

Baseboards serve several important functions, including:

  1. Protective Barrier
  2. Concealment
  3. Decorative Accent
  4. Insulator
  5. Moisture barrier
  6. Improved durability

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