What is a Base Cabinet?

A base cabinet is a type of kitchen cabinet that serves as the foundation or base of a kitchen\’s cabinetry system. It is usually installed on the floor and provides storage space at the bottom of the kitchen. Base cabinets can come in a variety of sizes and styles, and they can be used to store a wide range of items, such as pots and pans, dishware, food, and cleaning supplies. They can also be used to support countertops, such as in a kitchen island or peninsula. The design and construction of base cabinets are typically more sturdy and durable than other types of cabinets, as they are intended to bear the weight of countertops and heavy items stored inside.

There are several types of base cabinets, including:

  1. Standard Base Cabinets: These are the most common type of base cabinets and are usually 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. They are available in a range of widths to fit various kitchen layouts.
  2. Sink Base Cabinets: These cabinets are designed to hold a kitchen sink and are typically deeper than standard base cabinets to accommodate the sink and plumbing.
  3. Corner Base Cabinets: These cabinets are designed to fit into the corner of a kitchen and provide additional storage space in an otherwise unused area.
  4. Drawer Base Cabinets: These cabinets feature drawers instead of shelves for storing items, making it easier to access items stored in the back of the cabinet.

Each type of base cabinet has its own set of benefits and is designed to meet specific kitchen storage needs.

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