Types of Kitchen Cabinets [All You Need To Know]

Designing a kitchen is a complex process. There\’s no such thing as an insignificant element when it comes to kitchen faucets, lighting, or d├ęcor. Don\’t forget the importance of your kitchen cabinets, which make up a significant portion of the area.

The chances are that you\’ve seen cabinets outside your own home that you\’d like to incorporate into your own kitchen. Are there any? As a precautionary measure, familiarise yourself with all the numerous cabinet options available before making a final decision.

There are many different types of kitchen cabinets to choose from when remodelling your kitchen. You need them to help you choose the greatest kitchen cabinet design for your home. To make it simple for you to pick from a wide range of styles, materials, and other alternatives, we\’ve put together this Guide.

Find out more about the many kitchen cabinet options, compare them, and then choose the best one for you. Find the perfect fit for your personal style!

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

At your local kitchen cabinet depot, you\’ll find a wide variety of kitchen cabinets. There are a few standard varieties of kitchen cabinets that may be found in any well-stocked cabinet store. Get familiar with the fundamental differences and be ready to identify the most common types on your own.

There are four distinct styles of kitchen cabinetry based on their quality of construction.

  • Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)
  • Stock Kitchen Cabinets
  • Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets.

This set of cabinets has a distinct appearance and construction style. They can come in a variety of designs and materials. In many cases, cabinets are constructed from a variety of materials.

How to choose the best Kitchen Cabinet

Decide how much money you have to spend before deciding on one of these basic kitchen cabinet options. You can use this information to narrow down your options for kitchen cabinetry. It will also make it easier for salesmen to provide you with all the information you need.

Look for the strongest kitchen cabinet construction, no matter how much money and how much time and effort it takes to put together your dream kitchen. Keep in mind that the quality of your kitchen and the number of years you want to use it aren\’t always determined by the price tag.

There are always budget-friendly solutions like Fabuwood Cabinets and Forever mark Kitchen Cabinets in our Wayne kitchen store as well as high-end options from well-known manufacturers like Wolf Kitchen Cabinets and CNC Cabinets.

Ready-to-Assemble kitchen cabinets

  • The cost of ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets is lower than that of custom-built ones.
  • Chain home improvement and kitchen cabinet depot stores sell them in boxes. If you have a limited budget and are proficient at putting together kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinets are ideal for you.
  • There isn\’t a great deal of variety in the Ready-to-Assemble Kitchen Cabinets category. It has a small selection of materials, sizes, finishes, and designs to choose from.
  • As time passes, it may become a concern with the long-term durability of pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. Building and installing cabinets are two abilities you\’ll need.
  • To ensure that RTA cabinets last for a long time and work correctly, this is essential. It\’s possible that you\’d be better served by having them installed by a specialist.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

  • Custom Kitchen Cabinets are the best option if you want complete control over the sorts of kitchen cabinet materials, types of wood, and the types of kitchen cabinet designs.
  • When it comes to kitchen cabinets, bespoke cabinetry is your best bet for meeting all of your needs. Select the type of wood, the finish, the accents, and the colour scheme for your cabinet doors.
  • Custom cabinets are the most expensive option for your kitchen, so be prepared to spend more. Because each set of custom kitchen cabinets is made to order, the cost will be greater.
  • They have a wide range of materials, finishes, accents, and styles to choose from, all of which are handcrafted to the highest standards.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets

  • The materials, coatings, and styles available in semi-custom kitchen cabinets are more extensive than those available in bespoke cabinets. They are a better alternative to pre-made kitchen cabinets when it comes to cabinet building.
  • However, semi-custom cabinets are more expensive than their custom counterparts. The term \”semi-custom\” actually refers to the ability to alter the conventional dimensions of the cabinets.
  • Change their depth or height, for instance. Some adjustments can be made, but not all of them.
  • Custom Cabinets are your best bet if you\’re looking for completely bespoke cabinets. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets typically require a four- to eight-week lead time.
  • Semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer a more personalized style, additional storage and decorative options, a reasonable price tag, and a wide range of available finishes.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets

  • Stock Kitchen Cabinets are a low-cost and universally useful solution. Stock kitchen cabinet options are usually a fantastic value for money, regardless of how much money you have to work with.
  • However, stock kitchen cabinets come in predetermined sizes that cannot be changed. In other words, if you opt to purchase stock kitchen cabinets, you\’ll need to modify the rest of your kitchen to accommodate them.
  • Stock kitchen cabinets, despite their lack of customization, are the most practical and cost-effective option. It is common for them to come out in large batches.
  • Stock kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, only come with a small selection of add-ons. Stock cabinets might be solid wood, melamine, or particleboard with plastic laminates, depending on the manufacturer.

Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Visit a local kitchen cabinet store or kitchen depot to find and consider all of the basic kitchen cabinet styles. Specialty units are not limited to bottom and wall cabinets. There are Base Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Tall (Pantry) Cabinets, Cabinet Doors, and Drawers in the kitchen. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the most common types of kitchen cabinets.

Base Cabinets

  • Base cabinets are kitchen cabinets that serve as the foundation for countertops. A kitchen\’s most significant and heaviest object is supported by them, making them crucial. As a result, they need to be well-built, solid, and symmetrical.
  • Base cabinets of the standard size are 36 inches high by 24 inches wide. The depth of the base cabinets can be increased up to 27 inches, depending on the manufacturer.
  • For the sake of expanding the amount of storage space, we strongly recommend that you increase their depth. A four-inch recessed riser and toe kick supports the base cabinets.

Tall Cabinets

  • Tall cabinets can be used as pantry cabinets. The names are interchangeable, so you can refer to them as either one.
  • Full height can be found in a pantry or tall cabinet. Their length begins from the floor and ends at the ceiling. Pantry cabinets\’ high shelves allow for the most efficient use of available space.
  • The height of a typical pantry or tall cabinet is between 84 and 96 inches. Because of their size, they can be used to store brooms and create a striking vertical effect in the kitchen.

Drawer Cabinets

  • In any kitchen, it\’s the drawer cabinets that get the most use. In order for a kitchen to work properly, you\’ll need these. Even if you\’re going with stock kitchen cabinets, ensure the drawers are built to last using robust materials.
  • To begin, make certain that the drawers are made of plywood that is no thinner than 12 inch. For a more luxurious look, you could use plywood that is 5/8 inch thick in the drawers.
  • 34-inch plywood cabinet drawers are even more durable and will endure longer than their 2 1/8-inch plywood counterparts.
  • In terms of construction, laminated particle board or plywood drawers are preferable. Five-Piece Drawer Fronts are the most common type of drawer front. Slab drawer fronts are made up of a single panel that is flat and straightforward.
  • If you\’re going for a minimalist aesthetic in the kitchen, these are the right choice. Drawer fronts with a five-piece frame include four panels surrounding a central panel.
  • Both recessed and raised options exist for the central panel. If you\’re going for a more conventional look, select this option.

Wall Cabinets

  • It\’s possible to have upper and lower kitchen cabinets that are attached to the wall. Although they go by several names, these cabinets are all the same. Their position above the base cabinets makes them stand out.
  • For remodelling, wall cabinets are more crucial than base cabinets since they support countertops and provide a lot of storage space. The kitchen\’s aesthetics and practicality are largely determined by the kitchen\’s upper or wall cabinets.
  • Wall cabinets, on the other hand, provide a lot of storage space. In most cases, the depth of upper or wall cabinetry is 12 inches. This depth can be increased to 17 inches if you go with semi-custom or bespoke kitchen cabinets.
  • To provide the illusion of a larger or smaller kitchen, use wall cabinets. If you put all of your wall cabinets on the same wall, you may optimize your storage capacity.
  • Due to the layout\’s ability to elicit an illusion of space, even small kitchens can reap the benefits of this design.

Typical designs for kitchen cabinets

The style of the client\’s kitchen plays a big role in the cabinet design. Both conventional and contemporary alternatives are available.

Shaker style. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are among the most popular. They have sleek lines with recessed panels and may be used in both traditional and contemporary settings. Stock cabinets with a shaker design are easy to come by due to their widespread appeal.

Inset door style. Instead of being hinged on the outside of the frame, the door of a cabinet with an inset design is flush with the cabinet itself. To ensure that each door fits properly within the box frame, the constructing process is exceedingly complex.

Flat panel. If you\’re looking for an ultra-modern style in your kitchen, consider a flat panel cabinet. Each cabinet door has a single, smooth panel rather than a frame. For starters, it\’s possible to use any box because only the front panel shows.

Glass-front panels. The contents of a cabinet can be seen through the cabinet door thanks to the use of glass cabinets. It\’s not uncommon for wall cabinets to feature glass-front panels to showcase a client\’s china set or barware collection.

Raised panels. As opposed to flat fronts that have the door\’s centre section raised, a \’raised panel\’ design has the door\’s centre section raised. There are two options for your client to choose from when it comes to the colour of the frame and centre panel.

Benefits and Functionalities of Having Kitchen Cabinets

  • Installing kitchen cabinets has various advantages, such as freeing up a lot of room and ensuring that your kitchen objects don\’t become trapped, both of which make them easier to access.
  • Depending on the needs of the homeowners, you can either maintain your kitchen cabinets single- or double-tiered.
  • When it comes to kitchen cabinet functionality, the list is long. You can store anything you want, but that\’s the finest part. Spices and seasonings can be stored in them, making them easy to access.
  • You can also utilize these cabinets to keep your dinnerware and glasses in a more attractive display. Decorate with all your dishes and utensils you\’ve collected in this way.
  • Fragile objects, on the other hand, should be kept on the cabinet\’s upper shelves, where they are both safe and visible to anybody passing by.
  • In addition, many kitchen cabinets have a function called \”soft action\” that allows the drawers to open and close smoothly.
  • You can utilize this feature to prevent finger slamming and keep the contents of your kitchen cabinets from shifting or being rattled by the sudden movement.
  • Also, many kitchen cabinets have detachable cabinet inserts. Depending on the situation, these can be moved about with ease.
  • Additionally, there are inserts that incorporate utensil holders, cup/plate dividers, and plate holders and dividers, among other features. A kitchen remodelling company can simply provide these items for you.
  • Because there is no defined standard for kitchen cabinets, they are exceedingly adaptable. You have the freedom to design and develop them however you see fit, taking into consideration your budget and available space. When it comes to long-term durability, metal cabinets are the way to go.

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