Popular hardware ideas for shaker cabinets

Without cabinet hardware, a kitchen\’s cabinets would be incomplete. To put it simply, cabinet hardware is the crowning glory of your kitchen cabinetry design. It is frequently the defining characteristic of the visual appearance of your kitchen. Contemporary kitchens, for example, often have shaker-style cabinet hardware or none at all. Shaker cabinet pulls and shaker farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware are more common in classic, rustic, and regency-styled kitchens.

Pulls for shaker cabinets are the easiest to replace when remodelling or updating the kitchen because they can be removed with a screwdriver. Changing handles for shaker cabinets is also the easiest way to give your kitchen a simple makeover. Your kitchen can be given a facelift simply by switching to shaker-style door handles. So, if you’re going to perform a minor kitchen makeover without having to remodel your complete cabinetry, here are several hardware for shaker cabinets as well as white kitchen cabinet hardware ideas where you may gain inspiration from.

Shaker style cabinets

Shaker style cabinets have been around since the 1800s. The shaker style, in contrast to the period\’s sumptuous aesthetics, emphasises simplicity, durability, and affordability. They are built of hardwood, so they are robust and don’t feature tonnes of unnecessary trimmings or finishing’s, bringing down the cost. For an appearance that works with a wide range of kitchen designs, they use rail frame and panel construction as well as recessed panel doors and hidden hinges.

Hardware Styles for Shaker Cabinets


When it comes to your kitchen\’s overall design, even something as seemingly insignificant as the hardware on your shaker cabinets may have a significant impact. They can either give your kitchen a rustic appearance or make it the sleekest, most modern in the area. The hardware you choose for your kitchen may only take up a small amount of floor space, but the effect it has on the overall look of the room is substantial. These 12 hardware types for shaker cabinets are sure to give you the style and feel you want in your kitchen.

Handles in Brushed Champagne or Brushed Gold

Popular these days are the brushed gold or champagne handles, which look stunning when coupled with just about any colour. If you have white, grey, blue, or even wood tones, the brushed gold or champagne handles will boost the aesthetic of your shaker cabinets.

Arced and Footed Pull Bars

If you have a light-coloured kitchen containing white shaker kitchen cabinets, it might be challenging to add variation to your area while keeping the look smooth and clean. Simply employing arched and footed pull bars, meaning vertical pull bars on cabinets and horizontal ones on drawers, can offer a subtle touch of variation. Arced and footed pull bars protect your kitchen from looking stale without taking away from the simple, clean aesthetic.

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls on white cabinets are great to create the warm rustic chic kitchen decor. The colour scheme of the farmhouse looks great with white cabinets. When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, the golden rule is to always choose a colour that stands out against the cabinet\’s painted finish. Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pulls have both the appeal of industrial and old which complements the farmhouse vibe of the kitchen.

Matte Black Hardware

Modern kitchens with white shaker cabinets often have matte black hardware. They offer a sharp contrast that keeps your kitchen appearing clean and fascinating. It brings out the elegance of the crisp white shaker style.

White cabinets brushed nickel hardware

Brushed nickel, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It has a more subtle, softer appearance. It has a brushed appearance and a semi-satin finish. Some buyers believe that a brushed nickel finish resembles stainless steel and, as a result, it may look fantastic with stainless steel kitchen appliances. Brushed nickel hardware on white cabinetry is also appropriate in modern kitchen layouts. It is a subdued tint that adds a contemporary edge to modern and contemporary spaces. It\’s one of the nicest pieces of hardware for white cabinets since it blends in so well with the contemporary setting.

Accented Wire Pulls

For a little additional flair in your kitchen, accentuated wire pulls also work well with shaker style cabinets. Wire pulls with some decorative design depart from the modern look and provide traditional elements to your kitchen. Shaker cabinets as so simple and versatile, that a modest ornamental flair with accentuated wire pulls can give your kitchen an elevated, sophisticated appeal without being overly opulent.

Classic Metal Knobs

Classic metal cabinet knobs never go out of style, especially on shaker-style cabinets in white. Because of the vast range of metals, from zinc to brass, that may be used to create the vintage look, it can go with either a modern or a classic-styled kitchen.

Silver shaker cabinet pulls

It\’s not uncommon to see white cabinets with silver handles. Whether it\’s a knob, a wire pull, a tubular handle, or a flat bar, the majority of them can be had in silver. Silver is versatile. It is usually seen as the perfect mix of black and white, allowing it to operate as an unbiased hue that matches a wide range of palettes and schemes. When silver is used with vibrant colours, it reflects and illuminates the vibrancy of the combined hues.

Black and gold shaker cabinet knobs & handles

We’ve spoken about how modern white kitchen cabinets with black hardware create a nice combo. White cabinets with gold and black cabinet hardware appear particularly stylish when placed together, as we haven\’t yet. Gold and black make a dramatic contrast in the kitchen interior. They make the kitchen sparkle brilliantly. There are many examples of this on modern and beautiful farmhouse and rustic kitchens.

Knobs and Pulls

Another subtle method to create variation to your kitchen is to mix knobs and pulls. While they aren\’t overly ornate, these small additions to your shaker kitchen cabinets add a welcome variety. This usually works well for kitchens that include light or muted hues where even slight changes add to the atmosphere. Pull bars are more visually appealing on drawers, whereas knobs serve a functional purpose on cabinets.

Glass Knobs

Glass knobs are a beautiful touch to your shaker design cabinets. Shaker cabinets are known for being fantastic accents to modern-styled kitchens but may be easily upgraded with sophisticated hardware like glass knobs. The luminous, reflected aspect of the glass is a perfect accent to white shaker kitchen cabinets as they assist brighten the room. Glass knobs are also easy to keep clean.

Curved Wire door pulls for shaker cabinets

Curved wire pulls are undoubtedly something that you’ve seen on closets. These are ubiquitous in closets but are also used as door handles for shaker cabinets. Holding and pulling it is made easier because to the curved design. It is a conventional handle that is inspired by the pulls of entrance doors. Curved wire pulls may be used in a wide variety of kitchen styles and colours, making them a great addition to any space.

Classic Ornate shaker cabinet pulls

The elegance and grace of the past are undeniable charms of this era. It\’s important to pay attention to the finer points of an interior design project, and using elaborate kitchen cabinet hardware is a great method to do this. Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to find antique cabinet handles and knobs. They\’re also less expensive than buying new. Ornate vintage knobs and handles make fantastic hardware especially if you are flipping furniture cabinets or kitchen cabinetry. Just make sure that they all pair up together.

Arc Pulls

Shaker cabinetry\’s sleek, uncluttered aesthetic is reflected in Arc pulls. Because they lack harsh characteristics and are typically available in softer, lighter hues, these pulls are smooth, rounded, and don\’t draw much attention to themselves. Rather than stick out from the cabinets, the arc pulls let the simplicity of the shaker style cabinets speak for itself as they become a smooth, seamless part of your kitchen. For a modern or contemporary kitchen, there aren’t many better choices than arc pulls.

Cup Pulls

Depending on the colour of the cabinets, cup pulls can be used on shaker kitchen cabinets to achieve a broad range of looks. They might come in rusted colours for farmhouse themes, or they can be black for a contrasting modern colour scheme.

Shaker type cabinets may be outfitted with a broad selection of hardware due to their simple design, making them suitable for any kitchen style. Check out our assortment of shaker cabinets today for a stunning, functional addition to your kitchen.

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