Easy way to modernize brown cabinets

Many houses have brown kitchen cabinetry. However, they might come with a more antiquated connotation to them these days. If you feel that your brown kitchen is beyond its prime, you’re not alone. Throughout the 1900s, Brown was the ideal hue for kitchen cabinets, but today in the 21st century, the question is whether or not they’re out of style.

Before you start taking out your chocolate-colored kitchen cabinets to install something more modern, it might be a good idea to look into the numerous ways to improve them. They may not be as out of date as you might assume, after all. Whether you have brown cabinets in your present kitchen or you’re planning on installing them in the future, they’re still a perfect choice.

Whether you prefer light or dark brown kitchen cabinets, we can help you make them more functional. There are numerous alternatives, and the majority of them do not entail a major renovation. Some of the things you may want to consider involve:

Embracing the natural wood

There’s no going wrong with natural wood, especially in a kitchen. The rustic appeal of a kitchen can be enhanced by using natural brown wooden cabinetry. You can incorporate them into your wood island or keep to having them placed high around the kitchen. With a natural wood finish, you may contrast it with a glossy tiled backsplash for more of a modern aesthetic.

Try Out Two-Tone Brown and White Cabinets

Even though the dark brown cabinetry on numerous walls of the kitchen may be a bit much for some, you may always consider brightening the space. When you switch some of the brown cabinets with white-colored ones, you can have the contrast that makes all the difference. As a result, the space will appear more spacious and up-to-date.

Here are some more Two Tone Cabinet Ideas

Traditional White and Brown Kitchen Combination


Before you choose to renovate your entire kitchen in order to get rid of the old brown cabinets, consider swapping a single portion of your dark wood cabinets with white ones to see how it appears. Eventually, you can get an even mix of two-tone cabinets.

In most circumstances, it’s advisable to retain the darker color, in this case, the brown wooden cabinets, on the bottom while the white cabinets are on top in order to produce the perfectly balanced effect that you seek. White cabinets with brown base cabinets or a white island countertop with brown base cabinets are just two examples of how you may take the two-tone colour scheme one step further in your home\’s kitchen.

Brown Cabinets and Camping-Style Dining Chairs

In an open-concept space that is more efficient and comfortable, eat-in kitchens are a great way to reduce the need for multiple rooms.

The kitchen\’s light brown cabinetry tie in with the space\’s general wooden aesthetic, which can be seen here. The effect is a relaxing ambience, while the huge open windows and doors also assist connect the space to the serene outdoor garden.

This wood material includes the island and heavy-duty dark wood table, which you may accent with some camping-style foldable seats. The stark contrast between the permanent nature of the seats and the transient nature of the massive, hefty table may be both charming and surprising.

Meanwhile, you can install some more wooden bar stools to create even more seating place. Despite its small size, the kitchen is a great place to host parties because of this.

Invest in New Hardware

There are many simpler ways to modernise brown cabinets in your kitchen and keep things reasonable. Upgrade the cabinet hardware to give your cabinets and kitchen a whole new look. Most people are unaware of the effect that knobs and handles have on the design of a kitchen.

Bulky chrome bar handles are an excellent choice for light brown kitchen cabinets that wish to look more contemporary. Handles with a larger diameter are currently popular, and they serve as an excellent decoy for cabinets that might otherwise be marred by scratches or stains.

If you\’re not a fan of chrome, you may prefer the look of cabinet hardware made of brass. While gold and brass hardware are a bit more traditional compared to chrome, they still match practically any appliance finish.

Install Stainless Steel Appliances

With the many different appliance finishes out today, stainless steel is one of the most appealing options to have with brown cabinets. The darkness from the cabinets is contrasted with the reflective steel, which gives off a more contemporary appearance that most other finishes don’t have.

Kitchen with Grey and Brown Cabinets

Add silver or chrome cabinet hardware, as previously indicated, to make your appliances stand out. Some brass finishes could be added to the hardware to provide a more eclectic look.

Backsplash Should Be Replaced.

Your brown kitchen cabinets can be given new life with the addition of a new backsplash. A herringbone pattern is often one that can assist integrate two different tones. In this scenario, they can be brown and another neutral tone.

White subway tiles or a marble slab backsplash are good choices if you want a softer appearance. Instead of spending money on a new backsplash, consider peel and stick alternatives that still provide the exquisite appearance you desire.

Repaint the Interior Walls

Brown kitchen cabinets look their best when they\’re painted a bright and cheery colour like this. However, white isn\’t the only colour that looks good with brown. You can include white finishes in the walls, window frames, countertops, and more. This will assist reflect natural light while also making the room look larger.

A brown and white kitchen is one of the most prevalent. White is the perfect contrast for darker tones of brown. If you don’t want to invest in painting the kitchen, you can always try beautifying the walls by hanging white-coloured art. It can be as simple as hanging white ceramic dishes or using a peel-and-stick backsplash, as indicated above. A little amount of white can go a long way for a brown kitchen?

Brown Cabinets and a Picnic-Style Dining Area

The Aran Cucine Erika line in Oak Bruges Tranche features light brown cabinets, as shown here in a large kitchen. Such a beautiful design that manages to be both sleek and tasteful.

Meanwhile, the tall wall cabinets are Erika Fenix Zinco. This has a softer beige colour to match the white walls behind it, and it has a gorgeous kitchen island to go with it. To accommodate extra guests, consider adding bar stools to the island.

In terms of the kitchen, given it is an open concept that integrates the eating area, you might opt for a more creative approach employing a picnic-style table and bench. This can bring a refreshing touch to your environment that is incredibly appealing.


That concludes today\’s roundup of creative ideas. It is our aim that these images will inspire you to employ light brown cabinets in your kitchen in a variety of ways, from classic and timelessly elegant designs to contemporary, entrancing interiors.

Our number one suggestion when picking cabinets in the kitchen is to evaluate how its colour looks against the rest of the décor. It’s also vital to pick with materials that are not only gorgeous but also sturdy and easy to clean.

It\’s often a good idea to pick out specific features you like in several photos. You can then blend these concepts together and create the ultimate design that is exclusively for you.

This is also a terrific method to exhibit your personality and style, as you focus on integrating colors and patterns that might highlight your originality. Do not be frightened to try new things.

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