Clever Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

When it comes to having a place to cook, any kitchen can do, and with a little paint and new hardware, you can transform your current space into one you adore. Some cooking spaces are a little, well, on the weird side when it comes to size though, and that might offer bigger decorative issues than you might have planned for.

A lot of kitchens have those spaces above the cabinets, while others are designed with cupboard doors and drawers that can’t fully be opened at the same time. The most difficult locations to work with are those in which a cabinet is crammed into a space where there isn\’t even enough room for one to function.

A lazy Susan, a pull-out drawer, or simply rewriting the laws of how a corner cabinet should look can all help you turn an odd corner cabinet into an organisational tool. These creative suggestions will help you see how to make the most of your kitchen\’s cabinets and make them more functional.

When it comes to kitchen layout, practicality is everything. We don\’t want to have to deal with a confusing layout every day because we spend so much time there. A kitchen\’s primary focus should be on usability and accessibility.

One of the most typical complaints from homeowners about kitchens is that awkward gap in the corner where the two cabinets meet. This corner space can be utilised in a variety of ways.

List of Clever corner kitchen cabinet


Remodelling your house is a fun and worthwhile endeavour. The appropriate kitchen cabinets are essential if you want to make the most of your kitchen\’s available space and usefulness. You may make a big difference in the appearance of your room by picking out the right type of cabinets.

The design of your kitchen is also an important consideration. The most difficult thing about designing a kitchen around corner cabinets is figuring out the best way to arrange them. There are a slew of factors to keep in mind when looking for the best corner cabinet, all of which we\’ll cover in this article.

Floor-to-Ceiling Functionality

Try combining corner diagonal cabinets to optimise storage space with open cubbies where you can put a microwave, a small TV and a selection of cookbooks. It\’s better to have an extra drawer for utensils than to waste valuable corner counter space. The possibilities are unlimited with floor-to-ceiling storage, which also offers a visual uniformity.

Simple Curved Corner Cabinet

Curved corner cabinets aren\’t for everyone, and that\’s understandable. Many homeowners and interior designers are turned off by its unusual curvature. For those who prefer a more minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, this style of unit is less appealing.

Its rounded shape, on the other hand, softens any room. Adding rounded cabinet doors that are simple to pull and open is an option to investigate. The rounded edges of the cabinet doors in the corner instead of the straight and pointed ones give your entire design more flair. Curved corner cabinets might help you make the most of your kitchen\’s limited storage space.

The curved shape allows you to add more storage once you pull out the door. It also makes it simpler to get to your equipment and supplies.

Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Another option for making the most of your kitchen\’s available space is to install blind corner cabinets. However, they have certain dimensions that you should carefully examine before installing one in your kitchen. Furthermore, constructing one on your own is a difficult task. Hence, it’s preferable to leave the task to expert installers.

On the other hand, there are plenty of reasons why many homeowners opt to add blind corner cabinets in their area. This sort of cabinet is practical, efficient, and works with a variety of layouts. You may want to consider installing one if you want to make the most out of your kitchen.

Unique Corner Drawer Cabinet

Many homeowners and interior designers are incorporating corner drawer cabinets as part of their kitchen concept. Making the most of a small spot is easy with a drawer cabinet. They are more convenient then regular shelves as they can be pulled out effortlessly.

This makes it practical and easy to use than standard cabinets that contain deep and hard-to-reach regions. Not to mention that you won\’t have to moan about how difficult it is to remove your favourite pot.

Corner drawer cabinets are all about making the most of the available space while still being aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a variety of designs and functionalities. You may easily incorporate it in any place including kitchen concepts that have a tough and unusual layout.

Keep Trash Hidden

Lower corner kitchen cabinets provide additional depth and storage capacity, but because of poor accessibility, it often goes to waste. Solve this issue by installing corner waste bin storage. You can use a pull-out waste container system or simply place your garbage bins on the cabinet floor. This manner, unattractive rubbish stays tucked away.

Classic Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan cabinet gives additional storage to your kitchen space. It also enables simple access to your supplies while keeping everything organised and in order. To make the most of your available space, you might want to think about installing an additional shelf. Just be sure to make the most of the corner cabinet\’s space between the top and bottom.

Pull-out shelves and drawers are already a feature in certain designs. To make the most of limited space, a vertically built lazy Susan is an excellent choice. Free-standing trays are used in some and a fixed pole in others.

Pull-Out Drawers and Baskets

Small corner kitchen cabinets benefit greatly from the addition of door-mounted shelves and pull-out baskets. You might also attach wire pull out baskets for a cooler aesthetic. All of these things aid in the concealment and organisation of your kitchen\’s cookware and other accoutrements.

Open Shelving

In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in open space concepts. This includes open kitchen designs and open shelf systems. In large part because of its aesthetic appeal, it has grown popular in a large number of households.

Many homeowners are replacing their upper cabinets with this design to make their kitchen look more trendy and roomy. Open shelves generate a lighter feeling and make any area appear more open without compromising storage capacity. It’s a wonderful method to carry regularly used kitchen staples such as plates, bowls, glasses, and cookware.

One evident advantage of adopting this sort of storage is that it makes stuff easily accessible. You may also use it to showcase your antique collection of ceramic kitchenware. You can also use it as a blank canvas to express your creative side on this platform. You can exhibit different items to make the area Instagram and magazine-worthy by adding bright pots, plants, and decorations.

Customized Corner Cabinets

A circular cabinet with rounded doors and a little butcher block counter top make for a unique corner storage solution for small spaces. This customised corner offers a unique storage option along with a convenient prep space right next to the stove.

Traditional Corner Cabinet with Sink


If your kitchen is on the smaller side, a corner cabinet with a sink is a common solution. Additionally, the base cabinet can be used to store items like dish soap and sponges, saving you valuable counter space.

Small Corner Pantry

It\’s both charming and practical to have a small corner pantry cabinet. It allows you to make utilisation of a certain area where you don’t ordinarily use. Even if you just have a little amount of storage space, this can still be used to store smaller objects. You might, for example, use it to keep your condiments and canned items organised.

Since it is positioned in the corner of your pantry, it doesn’t get in the way of your daily kitchen chores. You can use it to hold your dishes or other items you can think of. Small corner pantry cabinets are quite adaptable. The objective is to arrange your kitchen basics and clear your countertops and island.

However, keep in mind that the size of your corner pantry cabinets will depend on how much space you have. Therefore, before you put one in your kitchen, be sure that it will fit your space.

Hanging Corner Cabinet


A hanging corner cabinet is designed more for visual appeal. You can use it to show off your ceramic bowls and cups collection. Designing it as a focal point and incorporating elements like plants into your decor will give your room a more welcoming and breezy feel.

However, the functionality of your hanging cabinets will also depend on your kitchen area and architecture. What you want to prevent is bumping into your hanging cabinet and maybe breaking the goods on it. If you want to utilise this type of cabinet because it looks nice, you need think about how it will affect the flow of work in your kitchen.

Corner Glass Cabinet

Glass kitchen cabinets are popular for many homes and offer as a practical alternative to standard cabinets. If you desire a modern and contemporary style, a corner glass cabinet may fit your needs best. This sort of cabinet is also a perfect alternative for open kitchen design as it makes any space appear more spacious, lighter, and airy.

Hence, it works excellent for small and compact kitchens. You may also display your collection of chinaware and antique plates while keeping them secured inside the cabinet. They\’re also simple to keep clean and in good working order.

Tips for Choosing the Right Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Space Management

Typically, cabinets are made with a certain purpose in mind while they are being created. Small or large, there are many methods to make the most out of your kitchen\’s available space. First, you’ll need to know how you are going to use the area and discover how you can efficiently work in that particular space.

Tight areas are more complex since you need to maximise every inch of your kitchen even above and below the counters. Wall cabinets are built to make the most of any space.

Construction Material

Choosing the correct construction materials is vital to the success of your renovation project. Solid wood is a popular choice, especially if you want to go for a more conventional and natural aesthetic. To make it look more elegant, you can paint or stain it to match the rest of your kitchen\’s decor. Consider adding some accents like distressing or coating the finish.

It’s also vital to get the correct hardware for your cabinets. There are numerous of styles to choose from that will add extra charm to your cabinets.

Door Organizer

Door organisers are the most practical way to declutter your kitchen. Instead of utilising open shelves where everyone can see straight through it, opt for closed cabinets. So you can make the most of your cabinet space without making it a blight on the neighbourhood. In addition, it offers greater space for storing your kitchen\’s essentials.

Door organisers also enable simple access for certain objects that you use regularly. Whether it’s your cleaning materials, pot covers, food items, door organisers assist utilise any area.

Storage Function

There are a plethora of storage alternatives available to maximise the efficiency of any room. For example, swing-out cabinets allow you you maximise the storage capacity of corner locations. You can install them under the counter, or even inside your cabinets for added storage.

In contrast, the front-facing goods on corner shelves can be easily reached. Lazy Susans also allow convenient access to multiple shelving. Meanwhile, pull-out drawers are great for storing utensils and kitchen linens.

Cabinetry Components

The most crucial consideration when determining which type of cabinet would fit your kitchen area best is to have the precise measurements of your room. Cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, functions, and applications. You can easily select one that can fit your space. However, for unusual and hard layouts, you can select to have a bespoke design that will adapt best to your demands.


  • The space and functionality can be optimised.
  • Additional hidden storage space.
  • Gives your kitchen an unexpected twist.
  • More organisation customization.


  • Compared to other cabinet designs, this one may be more difficult to install.
  •  Back corners of some cabinets can be difficult to access.
  • Some maintenance drawbacks in hard to reach spaces.

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