Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The antidote for your plain and dull-looking kitchen is bright cherry cabinets that welcome warmth giving off the feeling of a home sweet home. When planning for kitchen remodeling, selecting the right material and color is a crucial step for durability and a final look. Woods cabinets are in trend as always, especially when it comes to dark undertone cherry cabinets, every other option fails.

Cherry Wood Cabinets – The Ultimatum Choice for Every Kitchen

Nothing can beat the charm of cherry wood. The wood has its own perks as when the wood matures; the pale yellow undertone darkens into a deep brown warm undertone giving the whole room a modern and aesthetic look. This whole process takes at least 6 months.

Sourced from the American black cherry tree, its fine grain and rich texture accept the stains beautifully to give an even tone to the furniture. The wood is comparatively durable and bulky, making it able to withstand harsh conditions.

Cherry wood, even though more expensive than the simple maple, is quite pocket friendly if we compare it with the other premium options available like mahogany.

The cost of cherry cabinets depends on the style you opt for, the type of cabinet, your geographical location, and the size of the kitchen. However, the average cost for cherry cabinets is 15 to 20 percent more than maple and lies between $5,000 and $30,000 for a 10X10 standard size kitchen. For a cheaper alternative, get your wood cabinets painted in cherry color.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

1.   Countryside Style


Does the countryside look mesmerize you? Get your own elegant countryside look kitchen by having dark cherry wood-paneled cabinets. Have an island countertop in between the kitchen which can also serve as a dining space. Like in the picture above, you can have cream or beige color granite for the island countertop and cream or grey quartz for base cabinets. Adorn your kitchen further by adding yellow mellow tiles or any wallpaper on the backsplash.

2.  Rustic Style


The exposed ceiling with wooden planks and tiled flooring brings a cool and perfect rustic theme to the kitchen. The honey hue color wood flooring and cherry cabinets are the perfect combinations to illuminate the beauty of the room. A Black or grey soapstone countertop to an island in mid of the kitchen can offer additional storage space and a classy look.

3.  Simple Yet Modern Look


A spacious kitchen with minimal design is one of the perfect styles to idealize. What’s better than having simple classic cherry wood cabinets topped with a dark grey granite countertop. One-sided floor-to-ceiling cabinets are your go-to thing if you want to have a lighter look but need pantry space too. There is no need to install wall cabinets; just get your kitchen done with the base cabinets and a neutral color backsplash to make the overall look clean and balanced. Finish your remodeling with a large island countertop in between topped with grey soapstone and a few island chairs.

4. Farmhouse Style


Welcome to the farmhouse-style kitchen!! This vintage-designed kitchen has its interior built on solid wood to give classical vibes. Pair bright cherry cabinets with darker countertops like gray and cherry wood island counters topped with solid wood to bring the game to another level. You can add a wooden chair too to draw more attention.

5. Modern Industrial Style


Do you want to add a rough yet architectural touch to your kitchen? If so, then you need to work from your roof to the floor. Get your roof a neutral color and walls one or two shades darker than it. Install cherry wood floorings and cabinets along with dark cherry red polish on furniture to complete the look.

Kitchen Paints that Go Perfectly with Cherry Cabinets

Since the natural deep red color of the cherry wood complements most of the hues and kitchen designs, it is easy to select the wall paint. However, its essence and all efforts can go down the hill if you step foot on the wrong color, like dark red.

From soft neutrals and fruity pastels to rich shades, you can select any to uplift the beauty of your cherry wood cabinets. The idea of a color scheme totally depends on the outcome and aesthetics you want at the end.

1. Crisp White


The white color never goes old. The perfect combination between white color and cherry cabinets maintains the rhythm of the modern aesthetics and makes the room look airy. It is a go-to option if your space is small and you want to beat both contemporary and classic looks. If not sparkling white, then opt for other shades from the family-like beige and cream to pop out the beauty of your cherry wood cabinets.

2. Neutral


If you are not much into mixing and matching, then neutral colors are always the safe choice to maintain the warm tone of the cherry woods. The earth tones like black, golden brown, and grey are dominant in interior design mainly because they do not compete with the already existing beauty of the appliances.

3. Grey/Green


The grey or light green painted walls do not bring any dramatic effect to the kitchen and keep everything minimal. The cool ambiance and airy kitchen are a few of the many things that will surely cheer you up on a tiring day.

4. Pastel


Pastel or light tone walls add color to the kitchen without interfering with the vivid hue of the cherry wood. Whether cool undertones (light blue, grey, or light green) or warm undertones (peach or yellow), both uplift the grains and makes the cherry wood cabinets the focal point of the kitchen.

5. Brown


The brown color highlights the richness of the cherry wood color. If you want the vividness of cherry wood, then opt for a lighter shade of browns like mocha or honey and if toning down its color is your preference, a tan shade is the best option you can go for. You obviously don’t want to camouflage your wall with the cabinets.

Granite Countertops that Complements Well With Cherry Cabinets

Since each type of granite has a different character and the outcomes are highly variable, here we have shared a few examples to assist and help you choose the granite for your cherry cabinet kitchen.

Light Color Granite Countertops

There is a classic belief in perceiving lighter tones to be dull and plain. Truth to be told, when paired with dark colors, they make the whole interior look pleasant and light. It is best to go for the veining pattern that mimics the marble if you want to make your kitchen look bigger. Read on to know which light color granite can be best for you.

Kashmir White Kashmir White is the most demanded type of white granite in the market that has a speckled appearance of white feldspar, ash quartz, and dark mica. This salt and pepper look feels amazing when combined with a hint of burgundy hue because of the presence of garnet. The red undertone highlights the vividness of cherry cabinets.

Paradise Gold Antique – This granite is characterized by gold-brown undertones and yellow freckles. Gold antique keeps a balance between the darker and lighter shades, perfect for island countertops and welcoming elegance to the kitchen.

Chestnut Brown Granite –  Also called antique copper granite, it gives a tinge of brown, dark red, black and brown all throughout in its rich pattern. The unique feature of tan brown granite is its change of color throughout the day. In bright lights or during the daytime, the red and brown hues become visible, and under less lightening or dark, the black and brownish shade gets predominant. Pair it with a light color backsplash and stainless steel appliances to pop out the cherry color of the cabinets.

Dark Color Granite Countertops

Dark-colored granites, although less preferred, are perfect if you want the dramatic effect and invite warmth. Apart from black and brown shades, there are green and golden dark-colored granite tops too to add more color to your kitchen.

Matrix Black Granite –   Also called Cosmic black granite, is characterized by the deep black background with white veining and amber and burgundy flecks. Its other variations include quartz pockets making it unique and elegant. This is a perfect option for larger kitchens to welcome drama and give a homey feeling.

Venetian Gold Granite – With a creamy beige base and dominant golden color, the Venetian gold granite makes itself a perfect combination with cherry wood. Not to forget, the granite is embellished with light veining and flecks of gray, deep red, amber, and brown color.

Hawaiian Green Granite – Dark colors are a bit challenging to pull off, especially if we consider this olive green granite with grains of cherry cabinets. The grey undertone and dark pink and yellow flecks and striations make the final look impeccable

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