10X10 Kitchen Layout | What is 10 by 10 Kitchen?

Planning for remodeling the kitchen can be a tedious task. Just a minor change in your plan can make you reconsider your other choices and might change the whole outlook. Thus, the kitchen industry has made a 10X10 kitchen a reference point for your ease.

Making 10X10 foot kitchen size default has brought the kitchen remodeling and planning to another level. It totally does not mean that your kitchen should be confined to a 10X10 foot space. It can be used as a scale to get the average cost of remodeling the kitchen or just the cabinets.

10X10 Foot Kitchen Layout – Standard Currency in Kitchen Industry

The 10X10 foot kitchen is simply an L-shaped kitchen that sellers use to help purchasers compare the prices of different cabinet styles that could fill their space. It doesn’t represent your kitchen fully, especially if it is an open kitchen or attached to a lounge or any other room. It is just a benchmark to help with your remodeling strategies.

The last this idea of a 10 by 10-foot kitchen spruced up was in 1974 when the kitchens were usually 150 square feet. However, this space also had a dining space. At present, a 100 square feet kitchen seems realistic and perfect to optimize functionality and efficacy in the kitchen.

How to Use 10X10 Scale to Design Your Kitchen?

The 10X10 foot cabinetry doesn’t emphasize the kitchen to be a square space; instead, it represents that the cabinet package is enough for any 100 feet square room. Even though the manufacturers will sell the cabinets suggesting you a floor plan, you aren’t restricted to it. They sell individual cabinets which can be moved and make floorplan variations.

For example, if we take the price of $2500 for 10X10 mahogany wood making 12 cabinets, then the price for each cabinet will be $250 by dividing $2500 by 10. Now that we know it will cost you $250 for a mahogany cabinet, let\’s dive in for a cheaper material like pine. If the 10X10 price for pine is $1800, then the price for each cabinet will be $180.

To see how accurate the 10X10 pricing is for the 16 mahogany cabinets, multiply 16 by $250. You should get $4,000. Use the same method to get $2,880, the price for 16 pine cabinets. There is a whopping difference of $1,120.

Rather than putting you through the hassle of adding all cabinets in the cart, this quick method can easily help you take an average of your cabinet remodeling. If your food preparation area is a bit larger than 10X10, then it’s smart to add large individual cabinets.

The 10X10 scale allows you to compare the costs of cabinets differently, no matter how many you get and install. The same method can be used for your other kitchen appliances.

Cabinets in 10X10 Kitchen Layout

The standard 10X10 kitchen contains a set of 12 cabinets; two of them are usually of the same size, and the rest are unique. However, some manufacturers sell the cabinets needed to fill the 100 square feet room at a much lower price, and that is only because the package covers 10 to 11 cabinets with accessories or no accessories. It is purely done because of market competition. Here are some common cabinet sets people usually get:

Package #1

  • 1 – W3030 (30” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet)
  • 1 – CW2430 (24” wide by 30” tall corner wall cabinet)
  • 1 – W1230 (12” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet)
  • 1 – W3015 (30” wide by 15” tall wall cabinet)
  • 2 – W1830 (18” wide by 30” tall wall cabinet)
  • 1 – W3612 (36” wide by 12” tall wall cabinet)
  • 1 – B18 (18” wide base cabinets)
  • 1 –  B24 (24” wide base cabinets)
  • 1 – SB36 (36” wide sink base cabinet)
  • 1 – BER36 (36” wide corner base/lazy susan cabinet)
  • 1 – BTK8 (8” wide toe kick)

Package #2

  • BBC42 – 42\” Blind Base Cabinet
  • SB36 – 36\” Sink Base Cabinet
  • B18 – 18\” Base Cabinet
  • B33 – 33\” Base Cabinet
  • W1830 (x2) – 18\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W2430 – 24\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W3030 – 30\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W3012 (x2) – Two 30\”W x 12\”H Wall Cabinet
  • WDC2430 – 24\”W x 30\”H Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
  • BF3 – 3\” Base Filler
  • TK8 (x2) – Two 8\’ Toe Kick

Package #3

  • W3612 -36\”W x 12\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W1530 – 15\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W3012 – 30\”W x 12\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W1530 – 15\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • WDC2430 – 24\”W x 30\”H Wall Diagonal Corner Cabinet
  • W3030 – 30\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • W2430 – 24\”W x 30\”H Wall Cabinet
  • B15 – 15\” Base Cabinet
  • B12 – 12\” Base Cabinet
  • B30 – 30\” Base Cabinet
  • SB36 – 36\” Sink Base Cabinet
  • (2) Base 3\” Fillers
  • (1) 3\” Dishwasher Panel

10X10 Complete Kitchen Layout


Have you encountered any builder yet who has offered to remodel the whole kitchen instead of only the cabinets for the 100 square feet price? Seems strange? Well, it shouldn’t be as many will do so but will just offer you the basics and nothing extraordinary.

This is a standard and budget-friendly kitchen, which is usually built for condos, home flips, and apartments. In such kitchens, you will have enough space for food preparation but not a kitchen table or island. It includes:

  • Refrigerator
  • Double basin sink
  • Cabinets
  • Dishwasher
  • 15 linear feet of countertop
  • 4 burner electric cooktop
  • 85 square feet of vinyl flooring

Which 10X10 Kitchen Layout Fit is Best for You?


In a nutshell, cabinet selection for a 10X10 kitchen layout was never so easy before it was made the benchmark by the kitchen industry. It can help you select the style and specifications of the cabinets now easily. Here are five basic kitchen layout styles you can opt for as per your needs and appliances.

L-Shaped Kitchen:


In an L-shaped kitchen, the cabinets, countertops, and all appliances are fitted along the adjacent walls meeting at 90°.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout


In a U-shaped kitchen, all the appliances and cabinets are fixed along the three walls.

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A g-shaped kitchen is basically an L-shaped kitchen with a short section on one of the walls of the peninsula countertop.



In a galley-styled kitchen, the cabinets and appliances are on the opposite walls.

One Wall


In the one-wall kitchen, the countertop, cabinets, and appliances are arranged on a single wall.

Once you have made up your mind about the style and cabinet material, consult an interior designer to avoid any chaos and perfect outcome. An interior designer brings your vision into reality by creating a 3D model and helps you get a better look at it before the actual remodeling. Buy Modafinil online https://pleasantville-pharmacy.com/modafinil

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