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From thousands of cabinets shapes, styles, sizes, etc shaker cabinets have their own place at designers. These cabinets are featuring with a recessed panel in the center, square lining, and edges could be square. Another name for shaker cabinets is five panels door design. At US Kitchen Cabinet Mall we have everything you needed to know about shaker cabinets before buying them.


Shaker Cabinets | Various Units & Style

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets (Everything You Must Know)

If you have arrived at this page means simply there is something in your mind regarding your kitchen design. From thousands of cabinate shapes, styles, sizes, etc shaker cabinets have their own place at designers.

It is not much difficult to be an influencer with shaker cabinets because they remain the same for many years. For people who would love to have a handy kicten area then shaker cabinets are the only choice to go with.

Well, what are shaker kitchen cabinets actually? And with what they are made up of? Their durability and age like each and every detail is given in this informative article so, without making you much bored let’s dive into it.

What Are Shaker Style  Kicten Cabinets?

Shaker-style cabinets are such kind of the best cabinets that gives an intimate class to your kitchen. These cabinets are featuring with a recessed panel in the center, square lining, and edges could be square.

Another name for shaker cabinets is five panels door design.

These cabinets are split from the center. Doors are not much complicated in opening and their weight is also right as per design.

Simply these cabinets are specially made for making a kitchen simple and elegant. People with good taste are often Considering shaker cabinets.

The total cleanup is quicker so everyone can make these cabinets totally clean instantly. For making them more stylish you may install extra kitchen hardware in these too.

In the markets, white shaker cabinets are being more fascinated for many decades and ladies mostly go with this color for both classic and modern Kitchens.

A recessed panel of shaker cabinets is designed with straight lines which gives a super sleek look on to.

Moreover not only white but light Gray and ash white colors could be the second choice of kitchen makers. Indeed the simplicity and overall look of the kitchen fully depends on the color combinations that we choose.

Some people with different choices can go with the vibrant colors and painting any color of their wish can give them a better look from bottom to top instead of plain white.

What do shakers actually mean?

Around 250 years ago there was a religious group named shakers who belonged to England “Manchester” initially and later it was migrated to the US.

As per history, their first settlement in the United States was held in the year 1780.

Guessing more, shakers could be an offshoot of quackers; they left quackers due to their dynamic change in their practices at the time.

The leading reason behind their migration could be dislike of oats.

Same as the Amish the shaker people were known for their craftsmanship ability and the quality they gave in making homes, furniture, and other good from wood.

They were actually able to change wooden things easily by giving them practical design and a minimalist look overall.

The cabinets they make were made up of timber and no one could have beaten the sleekness that they create.

The modesty and design of Shakers are still followed by designers and this is why you are reading Shaker Style kitchen cabinets.

As per our research, the entire shaker-designed cabinets are not followed but some of the points are still found in the markets.

Are shaker cabinets stylish or Not?

For me, shaker cabinets will remain the same in the world lastly. People who are desiring style-in doors in their kitchen cabinets should prefer shakers in their new kitchen anyhow.

Shaker cabinets are not only practical in use but their versatility with durability is also amazing. These cabinets are easy to keep up with any size.

No problem if you’re looking forward to having a modern or traditional kitchen; for both shaker cabinets are enough to give you great look. These cabinets are easy to carry and their fitting will be perfect for any kitchen size.

The right size and perfect color combination can enhance any kitchen but all you need to apply a lick of your favorite paint also.

A craftsman never dies and his work remains the same until the design shows charm.

Although, this is the reason for which we are trying to know something basic about shaker cabinets.

What about the quality of Shaker Cabinates?

Look, shaker cabinets are such a form of kitchen styling that is often used for having a super sleek and practical kitchen in homes/resturants.

As this is a design so all types of material can be used to make it. The quality material we use then definitely it will be remain the same for many years otherwise low quality material can be damaged after some time.

Both high and low-quality materials can be fitted in these cabinets in the same design. We can’t even guess the material craftsmen use but the quality shows after some time itself.

Including wood, each and every piece of hardware is available on both sides like online shops and markets locally. Hand-to-hand shopping could be a money saver point all the way.

Before buying any piece make sure the material is good. Obviously by Saving some money you may lose the quality.

Craftsmen suggest only A_Grade plywood, High-Density fiber materials, High to medium quality wood, or solid wood to make the best quality cabinets in shaker style.

Wood variants for shaker Cabinets

Make sure craftsmen don’t prefer only one type of wood for every shaker cabinet but they go with different variants of wood instead. Each material can be based on the type of formation and the quality.

Like some wood variants are good in quality but they need much effort in construction. Most people go with hardwoods and these could be any of these “cherry, rubberwood, birch, maple, etc.

Further carpenters go out of the box and choose other types of wood for making different panels.

Sensibly it would be good to choose one type of wood for the entire design because different types of wood can mismatch the color combination and the quality would be low often.

Shortly, the entire frame and center panel will not give you ideal kitchen if your wood selection is not right.

Problems with shakers cabinets

Yes! Shaker cabinets are simpler in look but they are not easy to make for everyone. They need too much time and attention for the desiring look.

Make sure a minor mistake in making cabinets can destroy all of your efforts whether sometimes we go for the affordability and choose low-quality wood that’s why shaker cabinets lose their overall quality.

Cabinet doors need quality finish and this way we get prominent facility in the kitchen.

The wrong sizes of cabinets and selection of wood plus cheap finishing are some basic things that can not be avoided at any cost. Due to any of these, you may face a problematic situation.

Sometimes the way of construction could also be annoying and many of the problems we can face through. Moreover, each wood type needs different weather for the long-lasting; you can’t force a softwood material to run 5 years in a rainy region.

Humid, dry, rainy, etc weathers need different types of wood for further detail please have table talk with your craftsman or you may do some homework too.

Cleaning Shaker cabinets

Cleaning the kitchen is one of the most important technical parts of daily house cleaning. When it comes to the cabinet cleaning then similar to the other styled cabinets shaker needs the same way of cleaning.

Moreover, Shaker has square edges that often welcome dust inside the panel. Don’t worry with the help of a dust cloth it will be easily wiped off.

Light colors need much care of dusting such as white, ash white, off-white, and sometimes gray. Doors, panels, front, drawers, and other parts of the cabinets can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth.

Some people use cleaning spray and you can also use it if it is really needed.

Cost of Shaker Cabinets

Before knowing the cost of shaker cabinets keep in mind that quality comes with money. We can’t expect a long-lasting kitchen cabinet within a small penny.

The price of these cabinets simply depends on the wood, finishing, construction charges, and the marketplace you buy. Giving you a rough idea; you can buy these readymade cabinets online and the starting price can be $2500 or more.

Each craftsman takes a different construction price and wood variants also matter when it comes to your budget. Now, it totally depends on your choice whether you go for the expensive material or cheap.

Bottom Lines

At the last let’s discuss should you install shaker cabinets or choose something different.

Well, some designs remain famous in every era and the work is always unforgettable such as shaker cabinets.

By look and quality I would must you go with these cabinets but if your kitchen is quite congested or your budget is low and you are preferring low-quality wood then do not make your kitchen messy.

Indeed versatility and soberness of shaker cabinets are highly in demand always.

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