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RTA cabinets are units that arrive in a kit. They provide all of the materials and tools necessary for the consumer to assemble the cabinets on site.

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RTA Kitchen Cabinets Various Units & Style

We hosts a large number of listings for kitchen rta cabinets. With a large variety in styles and sizes in kitchen cabinets.


Installing  Ready to Assembled cabinets can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen. There’s a good chance you’ll save money even if you’re expected to put the cabinet parts together and build them yourself. Because you don’t have to worry about labour expenditures, you save money. There are, however, some limitations associated with ready-to-assembly cabinets, such as the fact that buyers must perform the labour and construct the cabinet themselves. However, you can still engage an expert to put the cabinet together.

RTA Cabinets

In a nutshell, the ready-to-assemble label sums up these items perfectly. When you order RTA cabinets, all of the parts have been cut to size, holes have been drilled, and any finishes you ordered have been applied. After that, the parts are stacked and wrapped. Either pick them up from the store or have them mailed to your house, depending on availability.

After that, it’s time to assemble and install the cabinets. As long as there are written instructions, they should be included. However, these may be largely diagrams and steps with no written instructions. It’s possible to find online instructions for putting together your cabinets.

Types of RTA Cabinets

Beyond the cabinet’s aesthetic, the cabinet overlay must be considered when purchasing any sort of cabinetry, not simply RTA cabinets. Because of the manner the cabinet door is attached to the cabinet’s framework, this is the issue at hand. Full, partial, and inset overlays are all options for cabinet overlay.

Partial Overlay

Partial Overlay

Partial overlay cabinets are the most common and widely used. Cabinet doors and drawers may not necessarily necessitate the use of hardware thanks to this overlay. Purchasing a partial overlay cabinet is the most cost-effective option. The partial overlay, on the other hand, has a more conventional and traditional appearance.

Full Overlay

Full Overlay cabinets

The front of the cabinet frame is completely concealed behind the full overlay kind of cabinet. There is very little room between the cabinet doors where they meet. Closers and drawers can only be opened and closed with the use of appropriate hardware. To maximise storage space and ease of access, the complete overlay is recommended. The design is regarded as contemporary and elegant.


inset Cabinet

It’s possible to have inset cabinet doors that are flush with the cabinet’s frame. The cabinet’s door edges are protected and less likely to be nicked or damaged because the entire frame is visible. As a result, it’s usually more expensive and takes up more space than either a partial or full overlay. They give off a polished appearance, with everything looking as though it is in perfect balance and proportion.

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinet Size

RTA Cabinet Sizes

Prior to making a purchase, it is critical to take accurate measurements. The typical size offered on the market might not be compatible with the kitchen’s area. Get an approximate measurement of the cabinets and then experiment with various sizes until you discover one that properly matches your kitchen. For example, if you have an open kitchen, you may require a larger unit that can be customised to meet your needs.

RTA Cabinets Cost

The price of a ready-to-assemble unit ranges from $2,840 to $3,500. Stock designs and styles are comparable to premade ones in that they are available for purchase. However, RTA solutions come in sections that need to be assembled by screwing, gluing, or some other means before they can be fitted.

RTA Installation

In spite of popular belief, assembling and installing cabinets is not as difficult as it may seem when done by a friend or family member. Despite the fact that they are shipped in flat boxes, ready-to-assemble cabinets come with all of the necessary instructions, hardware, and tools to complete the project.

Tools Required

  • Damp cloth
  • Drill/driver
  • Magnetic driver bit holder
  • Phillips bit
  • Rubber mallet
  • Worktable

Steps To Assemble RTA Cabinets

RTA Cabinets are easy to assemble it takes few hours and every person can do that easily. These are easy and affordable as compare to custom.

Project step-by-step

There are total 11 Steps to install the RTA cabinets.

  1. Identifying parts
  2. Glue
  3. Start with the bottom
  4. Install support rails
  5. Insert the back panel
  6. Attach the right side
  7. Attach the legs
  8. Adjustable shelf
  9. Assemble the drawer
  10. Install the drawer
  11. Install the Door

Benefits of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets have a number of advantages. To begin with, they’re not outrageously priced. If you’re remodelling your home and want to save money, consider purchasing pre-assembled cabinets. If you do any of the renovation work yourself, you can save money. You may save a lot of money by putting together your own ready-to-assemble cabinets.

Another benefit of RTA cabinets is that they are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and pricing points. It’s up to you how much you want to pay and how many options you have available. There are also more widely available ready-to-assemble cabinet options than there are other cabinet options. When compared to other types of cabinet installations, the delivery time for RTA cabinets is typically substantially shorter. Putting together RTA cabinets is also a snap because to the wealth of helpful instructions that are readily available.

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