Assembled Kitchen Cabinets​

Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets make it easy to update your kitchen quickly by eliminating the time spent putting cabinets together. Browse our online selection of pre-assembled cabinets that are perfect for any kitchen style. When you shop and save with Us Kitchen Cabinet Mall. We deliver high quality ready to install kitchen cabinets right at your door steps.

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Assembled Kitchen Cabinets Various Units & Style

Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Fully assembled kitchen units are a time-saving solution for people who want a short turnaround time and unmatched quality every time they need a new piece of kitchen furniture. A solid dowel and glue method is used in the manufacturing process, resulting in a sturdy, reliable, and faultless construction by skilled craftspeople.

Find everything you need for your kitchen, from standard-sized units to specialised ones for pots, ingredients, and other domestic accoutrements, with our extensive selection of pre-assembled kitchen units. Colours can be chosen to pull a room together, ranging from light neutrals to earthy browns. To get a well-coordinated aesthetic, this wide range of colours makes it easier to choose between ultra-modern schemes or those with a more traditional feel.

Assembled Cabinets

Just like the name says, these cabinets are sent from the manufacturer already completed and ready for installation. It’s a good idea to consider the benefits and downsides of pre-assembled cabinets before making a final decision. With completed cabinets, you have the convenience of having them ready to go and the ease of installation because they were assembled at the factory with the proper tools.

Full-depth, dovetail drawers are standard on assembled cabinets, which are made of solid wood. Trash pull-outs, Lazy Susans, and other add-ons are more readily accessible for pre-assembled cabinets. Assembly-line cabinets have several advantages, but they’re more expensive in terms of both time and money. It takes more time for the manufacturer to assemble assembled cabinets than it does for ready-to-install cabinets. Due to the additional labour required, the lead time for these cabinets is significantly longer.

Size of Assembled Cabinets

When it comes to built-in cabinets, customizability is a huge plus. Depending on your demands, you can find a variety of sizes and variations of the same product.

Cost of Assembled Cabinets

With pre-built cabinets, you won’t have to pay for the services of a professional installer. Assembled wood cabinet selections in the Basic Kitchen start at $2,156.00.

Cost to Install Assembled Cabinets

The least expensive alternative is to buy a pre-made or stock cabinet. Installing these cabinets can set you back anything from $55 to $600 per linear foot. These cabinets may already be constructed or finished when you buy them.

That being said, you may have difficulty locating a ready-made cabinet that fits your kitchen. For those of us who live in odd-shaped or older homes, this is especially true. If you have a distinct sense of style, finding a cabinet that fits your needs might be a real challenge.

Assembled Kitchen Cabinets benefits

There are numerous advantages to purchasing kitchen cabinets pre-assembled.

  • To put it simply, it’s all about saving time. In addition, you can rest assured that they were built appropriately. Assembled cabinets will be stronger and more durable because the maker employed the proper equipment and machines.
  • As a final point, they’re a lot less expensive than hiring a cabinetmaker to make and install the kitchen cabinetry for you.
  • Finally, they’re easy to install! A cabinetmaker isn’t required to install them for you. They are designed to be installed by the user. Last but not least, they’re built to last thanks to the premium materials they’re manufactured from.
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